Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Viva la Vida Loca

Growing up exploring the local markets of Jamaica, the native sea creatures of Cozamel, and the true Mexican cuisine of Cabo, I never truly understood how blessed I was. After a long week and a whole Sunday comprised of baggage claims, customs, and immigration, I am finally back in New Jersey curled up with my puppies. The following is a compilation of photos taken on my trip to Los Cabos.

(outfit:: dress FreePeople, sandals Birkenstocks)

Sometimes a quick escape is the perfect solution after your days begin to float past you. Thats when abandoning your phone and watch are the only way to truly be present. Although this was a family trip, we were able to uncover the local secrets such as taking the rundown bus with all the locals that only costed 1$ (as opposed to a 20$ taxi). The highlight of the trip, in my opinion, was an organic 'farm to table' restaurant known as Flora Farms. All the food that ended up on your plate including the walnut olive bread and fresh seasonal salad, are comprised of vegetables and fruits currently growing feet away. They served citrus sangria in mason jars. A band of local boys called Los Shamanes played classic rock tunes that left me speechless trying to take in my surroundings.

As we get older, we are able to appreciate these types of experiences more and more. I can only conclude that this trip, and all the beautiful souls I was able to meet, left me in earnest anticipation for all the exciting things yet to come.

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