Thursday, August 14, 2014

live free or die trying

There always seems to be a part of me that can not leave behind the constant scrutiny of my own criticism. After reading almost half of the spiritual novel The Power of Now (I kind of gave up), I realized I am a prisoner and my thoughts are the police. Not only am I being held down, but there is no escape. But according to the author, there is. My interpretation of living freely does not necessarily coincide with Eckhart Tolle's. Instead, I believe living freely comes after one abandons all judgement. When an individual can live in the moment without thinking of their plans days from now. When we can appreciate the small things in life.
To live freely is to ~ not judge those who do not meet the 'cultural norm'. take your time creating a beautiful meal. not to think about anytime but the present. dress for yourself. take risks. appreciate the grass under your toes, the sun on your face, and the trees keeping you cool.

All you have is this very moment.

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