Wednesday, August 13, 2014

hats off to ya'

(outfit on the right:: shorts urbanoutfitters, shirt unknown, kimono borrowed, fringe bag urbanoutfitters, hat urbanoutfitters, sunglasses vintage)

As I have grown older, my style has increasingly simplified from far-out patterns to plain t-shirts and small details. Instead of opting for your classic aztec pattern that can not seem to be repeated without public scrutiny, there is more appreciation for accessories that can give an outfit a bit of a twist. Hats have never been out of style; however, now there are men and women who strive to design hats that truly accentuate their customers style. They are affordable, provide protection from the sun (just a bonus), and can immediately make a simple outfit more chic.
My advice: hats should definitely be tried on prior to purchasing. Some hats will work better than others for your facial features..
If you are looking for a cheap hat to purchase try asos, Urban Outfitters, but I strongly suggest thrift stores!

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