Monday, October 20, 2014

The Loss of Human Connection

We all have heard constantly about the reprecutions of our reliance on technology: link to cancer, loss of human connection, obesity, depression, etc. It may be hard to admit, but we are guilty. We all enjoy that morning scroll through all our social media apps. We feel as though it is the most thorough way to contact that long lost college friend. But have we become so connected that we forget there was a time where we could be active, mindful individuals? 

Recently I was looking at Kim Kardashian's instagram of my best friend. Even after shes left, I can't help but look for any trace of her that I can. But what really pulled me under were the comments people would leave. One claimed she had no right to say "SJU '17" on her instagram because she wouldn't even live that long.. Have we seriously advanced so far as a society only to take gigantic leaps backward?
I was always that little girl who jumped to ask her mother if she had mail before she even entered the room. Any invitation, letter, or thank you card put me on top of the world. Those simple times when we didn't need to know what strangers were doing, wearing, or eating. 

I feel like it's so easy for human beings to detch themselves from one another. We all exist. We are all human beings. So put down your phone, and remember that we weren't created to live isolated from the rest of the world.

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