Friday, September 5, 2014

We're All Mad Here

If you’re living in the Western Hemisphere like me, then you are reaching the end of long summer nights, the heat of a blazing sun, and the freedom of a full day ahead. This month is the perfect time to take advantage of the weather and bring together your friends for a chance to create beautiful food and enjoy each other’s company. When I say throw a garden party—- I am referring to a fairy tale version of Alice’s tea party. Make it a wonderland.


Garden Parties entail fresh cut flowers, lace tableclothes, fabric napkins, and twinkling lights. Primarily, set up a table in the grass (personally I would go for a floor table so everyone could sit on cushions), or a wooden table with wooden chairs. Choose a simple tablecloth free of bright colors and patterns. You could even create your own by sewing together different lace fabric pieces.

Next line the table with porcelain plates (mixing and matching looks great). As opposed to your ordinary paper napkin, choose a subtle cloth napkin. Not only is it classier, but you will also be benefiting the environment by using less paper. Place the utensils in the cloth and then wrap a piece of twine around.

It is always fun to create a seating chart & even more entertaining creating name place cards! I advise purchasing tiny succulent plants and placing a name card in each one. It will act as a gift to take home, as well as tie together the garden theme.

For center pieces I would put multiple vases and fill them with flowers such as hydrangeas. Play around and place crystals, pinecones, or any other earthy material in the center as well in order to accent the flowers. Lastly, do not neglect to decorate the surrounding areas! Wrap your trees in christmas lights, hang flowers on string, wrap the chairs in floral fabric, place tea candles and sand in mason jars, be creative!


Beverages~ The night before, cut up fresh fruit and place it in a pitcher with water & maybe some tonic water to create your own infused water! Try not to bring labeled soda cans or bottles to the table, but instead keep everything natural and fresh.

Meal Plan~ *try to think of light, natural foods* the following are all free of dairy products and meat.

     +APPS: platter of fresh veggies & homemade hummus, a large salad with spinach/apples/walnuts/tomatoes & a strawberry balsamic, gazpacho, maple roasted carrots

     +ENTREES: cauliflower rice with a vegetable stir-fry, corn (or spiralized zucchini) pasta with fresh tomato sauce/sauteed spinach/zucchini, marinated portobello burger with russian dressing & homemade french fries

     +DESSERT: coconut milk/fruit/chia popsicles, peanut butter cups, chocolate mousse with rasberry compote, watermelon cake


dreams of cannibalism- typhoon
open road- roo panes
difference maker- needtobreathe
please forgive my heart -bahamas
hide- little may
1904- the tallest man on earth
go mama go-michael bernard fitzgerald
I will wait for you- Lowing

Enjoy the planning, the creativity, and the amazing memories you will be making! Be sure to tell me all about your beautiful creations my loves.

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